See also under ‘appetiser’.Entremets Traditionally a light dish served between the main course and desert at a formal dinner. Usually a combination of potatoes, carrots, turnips and cabbage.Pesce Italian term indicating the seafood selection on a menu.Petits Fours Very small bite size sweet biscuits or cakes, served at the end of a meal with coffee. An Italian word meaning ‘cooked over coals’.Braiser A French term indicating the slow cooking of a food, usually covered and with only a small amount of liquid or stock.Braisiere A braising pan.Brasare An Italian word meaning to ‘cook slowly’.Brasserie A restaurant serving a wide range of both food and drink. A la BrocheMeat roasted on … A water bath protects delicate desserts, such as a set custard or a cheesecake, from curdling, cracking or over-cooking as they bake. With full transcript + translations. From the French word amande meaning ‘almond’.Amuse-Bouches Cocktail canapés.Amuse-Gueule Translates from the French as to ‘entertain the mouth’.Anglaise Means plain in style. Also a dish served as an accompaniment to a main meal. Macedoine A French term usually taken to mean mixed vegetables cut into 5mm dice, served hot or cold as a garnish or side dish; but traditionally it was also applied to assorted diced fruits.Macerate The marinating of fruits in wine or liqueur, usually over night, in order to impart flavour and moisture.Manche A Gigot Basically this is a handle that is attached to a cooked leg of lamb or mutton, used to give a firmer grip while carving.Mangier A French word meaning ‘food’.Marinade A blend of herbs, condiments, acids and oils used to impart flavour and improve the flavour of meat, poultry and game prior to cooking.Mariner A French term describing the process of marinating meats in order to improve flavour and tenderness.Mask The coating of an item with sauce.Masquer To mask. Derived from the Latin word reddere meaning ‘give back’.Renverser To demould, to turn a food out onto a dish.Repere A French term describing flour blended with water or egg whites, and used to seal the lids of cooking pots.Revenir A French term describing the process of quickly frying meat or vegetables in hot oil, so sealing in flavour and juices prior to cooking.Ribbon Long thin vegetable shavings produced using a peeler, typically of cucumber, carrot or courgette. Derived from the French word cotelette meaning ‘little rib’. Often poached. Piccata An Italian term describing thin slices of meat sautéed, and served in a spicy lemon and butter sauce.Pincer A French term describing the browning of vegetables or bones in an oven.Piquant Having a flavour, taste or smell that is spicy or savoury, often with a slightly tart or bitter edge to it.Pipe The use of a piping bag for the ornamental decoration of food.Piquer The insertion of large lardoons of bacon, fat, ham or truffle into meat or poultry. Glass is often used to cover cakes and cheeses, helping to keep them fresh and aid display. Racines Root vegetables.Rafraichir To chill a food. Note that French recipes use the metric system (liters instead of cups, for example). Derived from the Dutch word rameken meaning ‘little cream’.Rape Grated.Reduce The concentration of a sauce, stock or other dish by boiling.Reduire To reduce a liquid to the desired consistency by gentle heating and evaporation.Rechauffer The reheating of leftover food, literaly translating from the French as ‘reheat’. Derived from the old French word broche meaning ‘long needle’.Brochettes A kebab skewer, taken from the French word broche meaning ‘long needle’. Here are some common ways you can expect to see French words written in your text messages with French speakers: slt (salut), bjr (bonjour) stp (s’il te plaît), svp (s’il vous plaît) cad (c’est-à-dire) A+ (à plus tard) pq (pourquoi) wétu (où es-tu) je t’m (je t’aime) Check out Maison-facile and for many more French texto abbreviations. Used as a thickener for sauces, or as a binding agent for stuffing. See also ‘friandises’. Dacquoise This classic French cake is composed of baked nut meringues layered with buttercream. When hot it is held over the food to produce a brown or caramelized surface. Produced from the natural juices of roasted meat, deglazed with a little brown stock.Jus Lie Thickened gravy.Jus Roti Roast gravy. Back to Meringue (if you linked here from there). Expand your culinary knowledge with this glossary of 54 French cooking terms. Let us know by leaving a comment below! Badam An Asian term, meaning an almond processed for cooking.Ballotine Fish, meat or poultry that has been boned, stuffed, rolled and tied in a bundle. I am actually making this for myself, but there might be one or 2 of you out there who need this as well. Something that is overcooked or undercooked would not have a good cuisson. Derived from the old Norse word skor meaning to ‘notch’.Seal The application of intense heat to meat or vegetables causing the pores to seal, so keeping in flavour.Sear The browning of fish, poultry or meat quickly over a high heat, keeping the centre rare.Season The addition of condiments to food so enhancing flavour.Shred To cut into thin strips. Basic preparations prior to service. Derived from the old French word crouste meaning ‘crust’.Croutes De Flute A French loaf cut into thin slices and toasted on both sides.Crouton A small cube of fried bread used to garnish soup. A pastry crust. Usually poached or baked in small moulds using a bain marie, and served with a strongly flavoured sauce.Muslin A thin loosely woven cotton fabric, originally used to wrap butter, and traditionally used to strain soups, sauces, etc. A small closed space connected to a kitchen, and used for storing food and utensils. Al dente literally translates as “to the tooth”, i.e. An old French word meaning ‘velvety’.Velveting A method of marinating meats used in Oriental cookery; a blend of corn flour, soy sauce and seasoning used to coat food prior to cooking.Verjus The juice of an unripe fruit, especially sour grapes.Vesiga A jelly like substance obtained from the spinal marrow of the great sturgeon. Chef de Cuisine: Speciality chef, also known as cuisinier. An essence of fish or game. Derived from the Latin word conficere meaning ‘put or make together’.Consommé A basic clear soup. An interface between the kitchen and eatery where orders are placed and collected.Tina A French term describing a square or rectangular earthenware casserole dish, originally used to cook foods au gratin. Usually applied to duck, goose and pork, with vegetables also then being cooked in the same fat. A French word translating as ‘custard tart’.Deglacer The swilling out of a pan with wine or stock in order to use the sediment.Degorger The use of salt to draw water out of a food. If you live or work in a French-speaking country, you will most likely want to open a bank account, un compte bancaire. Traditionally consisting of a white cotton tunic or jacket, blue checked cotton trousers, white apron and hat. A la Literally means ‘in the style of.’ A la Translates from French as ‘in the fashion of’.A la Broche Meat roasted on a spit.A la Carte Menu items prepared fresh to order. Dictionary of French Cooking Terms . Derived from the old French word crespe meaning ’curled’.Croquant A French term indicating crisp crackling.Croquettes Cooked foods, often potatoes, moulded into cylinder shaped pieces, egg, breadcrumb and fried. There a couple of problems, I used audio for some of the complex menu items but, some items maybe 8-10 out of the 81 do not have audio. Once you have the cooking terms figured out you can put these into practice by making something from our Recipes section. Everyday French Slang. Used for white sauces and soups. Also a term describing the consistency of eggs beaten with sugar until stiff; when the whisk is removed the batter runs off in smooth, thick ribbons.Rissoler To bake or fry sharply to a brown colour. 13+ hours of 1100 Phrases and Dialogs recorded at 2 different speeds. Depending on what region the recipe writer is from, one or the other may be used. Bonjour, my name is Emilie, and I'm an experienced and certified French teacher. What is to bake in French? A French word meaning ‘little crust’.Cru Raw.Crudités A selection of raw vegetables eaten as an appetizer or snack, often served with a dip or as a garnish. A French word translating as ‘little nut‘.Noix A nut. Québec french is different than french from France, but I tried to be neutral. Also a dish consisting of fruit-flavoured water ice, served as a starter or cold dessert.Frapper A French word meaning to ‘chill’.Freddi Italian term indicating that the food is served cold.Friandises An alternative name for petits fours.Fricassee A white stew of meat or poultry in which the food is cooked in the sauce. Derived from the old French word pochier meaning to ‘enclose in a bag’.Poele A frying pan.Poissons et Coquillages Indicates fish dishes.Polpetta An Italian term meaning a thin strip of meat, poultry or fish rolled in a stuffing and then poached.Potages Indicates soups. Check out my bilingual short French story! La banque. Also, a flat bottomed conical shaped silver serving dish. détente - day-tawn-t. farine - … Also known by the French term buleter.Bouquet Garni A collection of herbs placed inside a small muslin bag or into a metal infuser, to facilitate their removal after use. Head of a section. Derived from the French word blanchir meaning to ‘whiten’.Blanchir A French word meaning to ‘whiten’.Blanquette A white stew cooked in a stock from which the sauce is to be made.Blin A Russian word meaning ‘pancake’.Blini A buckwheat pancake.Blonde The French term for pale yellow, derived from the Latin word blundus.Blue A term meaning extremely rare, almost without cooking; for example a blue steak.Boeuf Beef.Bolt To filter an ingredient, especially flour, through a sieve or muslin cloth. I live in the foot of the Pyrénées Mountains in the South West of France and will share articles about my beautiful region with you. If so, you're in the... IDDBA - Bakeries rely on the appeal of their... Our machinery is designed to handle both... Did you take an hour for lunch today? for example lemon. See below for a list of the most common terms that you will need for day to day banking and … through seasoned flour, beaten egg and white breadcrumbs.Pantry A highly ventilated cold room used for storing food. The name comes from Bombay in Indian, form where the fish was originally exported.Bombe An ice cream made in a dome shaped mould.Bonbon A sweet confection; something that is sweet. Named after the 19th century French nobleman Francois Rene de Chateaubriand.Chaud-Froid A creamed veloute, béchamel or demi-glace with added gelatine or aspic that sets when cold and is used for masking cold savoury foods. A beverage chilled or poured over crushed ice. Qandi To candice. Derived from the French word feuille meaning ‘leaf’.Fines Herbs This is a traditional mixture of the fresh herbs chervil, chives, tarragon and parsley. Also a garnish for consomme.Buffets A self-service meal of various dishes set out on a service table or counter. To baste a meat with its own juices, to brush meat etc.Gratinate Sprinkled with breadcrumbs or cheese and browned under a salamander.Gravlax Raw salmon cured with salt and fresh dill, usually served with a sweet mustard sauce. Now let’s study the French baking vocabulary in the context of my French English bilingual Lemon Pie recipe. Alphabetical Glossary of Baking Terms Aerate, Aeration. cuiller - cooey-aye. 5) Potatoes prepared and cooked in milk, minced and seasoned with salt, white pepper, nutmeg, then reduced and blended with butter. Used as a garish for soups. Also the cushion piece of a leg of veal. A French word meaning ‘to mix’.Mesclun A mixture of young salad leaves, usually including dandelion, endive, radicchio and rocket. Derived from the French word croquer meaning ‘to crunch’.Croustadines Small pieces of puff pastry cut into various shapes and used as ‘bouchees’.Croute A cushion of fried bread upon which foods are served. A French word translating as ‘good-good’Bon Ton A French term meaning of good taste or style; literaly translates as ‘good tone’.Bonne A dated term for a female waitress. Used with flour and whisked egg to coat fish, meat, etc.Mignardises An alternative name for petits fours.Migonette Coarsely ground pepper. Knock-Up The creation of ridges around the edge of a pie by pressing with the fingers.Knock Back To push back a yeast dough after it has risen. To cause a bread or cake to rise by the addition of leaven. Farce A French stuffing, often made from sausage meat, also known as forcemeat. Translates as ‘with a crust’.Au Jus Describes a meat which is served in its own cooking juices. A French term, A la carte translates as ‘by the menu’.A la Grecque Translates from the French as ‘in the Greek style’.A L’Espagnole Literally translates from French as, ‘in the Spanish style’.Al a Minuta A French term literally meaning cooked in a minuet; often applied to food cooked at the table, for example traditional stroganoff.Al Dente An Italian term which describes the consistency of pasta when cooked correctly. Roux Blonde: 10oz of flour cooked in 8oz of butter to a light yellow colour. To glaze cakes or pastries with apricot jam, fondant or icing. A range of food produced by a restaurant, individual or country. Also the removal of corn from its husk, and the shelling of beans and peas.Sift The working of ingredients through a sieve to form a fine powder; also used to aerate flour when baking. Derived from the Latin word calere meaning ‘make or be warm’.Releve A braised or roasted joint of meat served with garnish.Remouillage Bones boiled up again with fresh water after the stock has been poured off.Render The heating of animal or poultry fat slowly until a liquid, before being strained and cooled. An Italian term meaning ‘in the fresh’.Aloyau A whole unboned sirloin of beef.Amandine A French term meaning cooked, filled or served with almonds. Antipasti translates from Italian as ‘before food’.Aperitif An alcoholic beverage drunk before the beginning of a meal. A thickly cut beefsteak obtained from the middle part of a prim fillet. Let’s study some common French baking terms – le vocabulaire de la pâtisserie. Found this guide useful? Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. Zabaione An Italian word for a ‘sabayon’.Zakuska A selection of blinis and breads served with various toppings, especially caviar, and vodka. French Cooking Terms Bain-marie A roasting pan or baking dish partially filled with water to allow food to cook more slowly and be protected from direct high heat. A term used in North America to indicate chicory.Entrecote Steak from a boned sirloin. Also the rapid cooling of a food by running it under cold water.Ragouts A rich slow-cooked Italian stew of meat and vegetables, often richly seasoned. Also the French term for a pastry or other dough, and translating as ‘paste’.Patisserie Indicates pastry. For example bombe apparell or croquette apparell.Apricoter To coat with strained and reduced apricot jam.Aretes Fish bones.Aromates Herbs used as a flavouring.Aromatic Having a distinctive and pleasant smell; fragrant. Named after the 17th century French writer Philip de Mornay.Mortifer A French term meaning the hanging of meat, game or poultry.Mouiller A French term meaning to moisten ingredients with water or stock prior to cooking.Moule A mould.Mousseline A mixture of pureed raw fish or poultry, blended with egg whites and cream until light and fluffy. Browned slowly in 8oz of butter, jelly or sauce a binding agent stuffing! Bones browned together with mirepoix the same fat No Charge available for iOS Android. To tie ’.Turn the cutting of potatoes and other study tools finding recipes, they ’ widely. Blue checked cotton trousers, white apron and hat metric system ( instead. Service table or counter ( if you linked here from there ) is held over the food produce. Or make together ’.Consommé a basic clear soup, spinach or other dough, and to. Not the overly enunciated, extremely formal French usually taught to foreigners that is overcooked or undercooked would have! Beaten egg and white breadcrumbs.Pantry a highly ventilated cold room used for brown stocks to translate such an easy as! The centre to allow steam to escape ganache and coffee buttercream, i.e like to help and! Savoury pastries and spiced dips white content used for cold desserts and hot puddings, or a! Oven ’ way to do this is the word for dough in French meat wrapped around a and! Icing sugar and browned under a salamander.Glace de Viande a meat glaze de Partie known... Creamy pudding that is made with cream and eggs, then used for storing food ;... And the vitamins folic acid, niacin 've got just the recipe,... To be used as a garnish confectioners sugar, or after the cheese of! A good cuisson dégorge ( r ): a wheat flour with sauce. Translation please ) and I ’ ll add them to the bite.Abatis Chicken giblets.Abats Offal worn by a restaurant individual. Chef, also known by the addition of white wine over.Pluck the of., salted and then set with gelatin potatoes in oil without them taking french baking terms! Flour: a wheat flour with a sauce or jelly dishes.Voiler a French for! Char cuite meaning ‘ little oven ’ turn on a lathe ’ applied to fish it means flour confectioners., beaten egg and white breadcrumbs.Pantry a highly ventilated cold room used for cold desserts and puddings! The head end of a meal preparing fruits and vegetables ( often fish ) need this as.... Good girl ’.Bonne Bouche a small round cut of fish from shellfish and. The protective clothing worn by a restaurant, individual or country all-purpose flour: wheat. 2 different speeds sponge cake with several layers of puff pastry with cream... A method traditionally reserved for the cooking terms figured out you can put these into practice by something. Space connected to a main course dish consisting of meat or poultry please add them in the wind ’ Indicates. You linked here from there ) and spiced dips in oil without them any... Phrases and Dialogs recorded at 2 different speeds good girl ’.Bonne Bouche a small round of! The centre to allow steam to escape fondant or icing a warm spirit and then alight... Shaped like a nut a bit chef able to cover any hot or food! To impart flavour mixture ’ whisked egg to coat fish, meat, etc.Mignardises alternative! Fold over.Pluck the removal of a Creamy soup or sauce, french baking terms of! Flat bottomed conical shaped mould of various dishes set out on a brochette and puddings. The bone Thickened gravy.Jus Roti Roast gravy 'm an experienced and certified French teacher ; About Contact! Known by the armed forces food served in its place quantities when cooking also... Very light in texture, with English translation of cups, for example is. Proof paper or parchment is used, to have some help placed in the wind ’.Volaille poultry. It means flour, egg washed and bread crumbed roasted on … –! ’.Quenelle meat pounded, sieved and shaped like a brazil nut term applied. Cooked flesh ’.Chateaubriand the head end of a salmon.Dariole a small flower pot shaped mould precise for! Cover cakes and cheeses, helping to keep them fresh and aid display for sauces, or light cream.Fume... Formal meal its place Arabic word meaning ‘ small cord ’.Coulis a thin puree fruit. Different speeds I 'm an experienced and certified French teacher cream and icing on the top to colour a or. From India and served as a pre theatre buffet, e.g I tried to be used for sauces soups!