Dreamer Jun 22 2017 5:15 pm hestyarious Oct 18 2017 7:09 am Ji Chang wook oppa and Nam ji hyun ... you both are doing great acting... i love Choi Tae-Joon too.. he is so witty and caring...work hard and fighting. I'm super stoked for both leading actor and actress especially for nam ji hyun unni who is slowly getting out of the child acting phase. The storyline needed that so some characters could grow. Kim Myung Soo said, “We have great teamwork, and she’s very considerate of me. MommyBelle28 May 02 2017 12:47 pm ...? chemist Jul 13 2017 1:55 am They fit very well and they have a sense of teamwork: she really makes him stand better but at the same time she catches up quickly and does not stay behind. Jul 17 2017 7:29 pm Watched this drama cos of Ji Chang Hook. But, this Suspicious Partner, hard to watch. Roxy Jul 10 2017 9:50 pm Bern Jul 05 2017 5:16 am At first i didnt think that ji chang wook match with nam ji hyun. Don’t mind negative comments :). So for those who dislike the story or the lead couple, aka haters, just cut the crap already. No feel for her kiss scene. She talented n smart student..very pretty inside outaide..love herr. //]]>. I hope SBS cast another young talented actrees . Just got the news that Ji Chang Wook is up for male lead. I am jcw'fan. The plot twist in latest episodes IS greatttt. Why ???? Too much unnecessary scene, the execution is just so ? =D, Nana May 13 2017 9:05 am coconutoil May 10 2017 9:36 pm Jin Se Yeon Nice plot, lead actor is very handsome with great acting skills . asdasfa Feb 18 2017 5:10 am Sania Jun 16 2017 5:42 pm I hope it will get better rating in each episode. I love Ji Chang Wook that's why I watched this drama but honestly it was Jung Hyung Soo acting that keep me going and finished this drama. Beautiful romantic comedy drama. I thought I was the only one thinking Ji Chang Wook is unlucky with his female co I liked the overall storyline and I like all the actors. with Han Ji Min.......count me in i'll root for this drama.... Andhrey Mar 16 2017 6:47 am *muah*, - Jun 07 2017 11:39 am I don't care about the female lead, i'm here just because ji chang wook. yoona isnt even at half of half of the real actresses out there. Keira91 Mar 30 2017 9:45 am Bongbong Jun 12 2017 7:25 am I am not an old lady yet but love classic movies :D. She really deserves the award tho. Diana May 30 2017 8:12 am And please tell you guys lovely pd nim and pd writer this drama , Dont copy & paste drama . I reallu love this drama. gureum Mar 18 2017 11:16 pm He outshined everyone and I became a fan. I don't know why some of you have so much problem with an older woman or age gap. 40 Episodes?!?! Love love this drama ♥♥♥. You're simply a WOW, the very best, especially at such a young age. The storyline was good and it could have been a really enjoyable drama. Really great drama. Hope your rating would shoot up to 2-digit numbers again. Kinda irritating. Dude why not JCW take fantasy drama . joon! everyone has different expectation right? But surely this couple takes the 1st rank in my heart so much so that i want them to be real. heul Dec 11 2018 3:52 am i have been watching thia over and over again. The materials is good (thr actor)..just waits how the writernim manage the plot. if the viewers likes the plot/artists/cinematography and such, im sure it'll be hit. I love her character in shopping king louie. I don't know but she is 21. I also really love how fast-paced the story is, and that it still has a central plot. I don't care what others may/might say.To me this is the best kdrama for this year. Han Ji Min please decline, I don't like any of your dramas. May 05 2017 10:52 pm He's handsome and he acts really well. She has already proven herself to be exceptionally talented, and with her down-to-earth and positive attitude towards her work, I can safely say that she won't stay underrated for long. Nam Ji Hyun is so beautiful!! Just started watching episode 1 and I kinda agree that Nam Ji Hyun has a tendency to over-act. When the three of us come together, we talk a lot, and we rehearse together and exchange ideas during break. DramaLover Sep 08 2017 1:09 am JiJi is my life Jun 29 2017 8:26 am Kendall Feb 27 2017 1:27 am i can list lot of them but i think it wouldn't matter, but i'm begging you guys try to give this one a sweet ending cos this might just be my last korean movie cos i'm really fed up of getting angry after watching the last episode of your seasonal movies. The soundtracks is crazy good!! Babalah ye May 11 2017 9:29 am JiBong couple, FIGHTING!! Falling in love with this drama. Jcw is cute but manly in the same time.. Monica Jun 09 2017 11:09 am Fighting! (I'm happy !) The drama hasnt even start yet. I wonder if Ji wook was ugly yet talented would he still have so many fans goin "luv u so much!". Maria Jun 01 2017 8:58 pm I am feeling all the feel. Suspicious partner finally reached 10% on their 7th episode!!!!!!!! DramaFan Sep 30 2017 2:00 am I am watching but honestly getting a bit tired of the prosecutor/police drama. New crush Choi tae joon. Like I need more than that... explain please!!! Goatee Apr 03 2017 7:50 pm I skipped all the romance part. Candyman Apr 11 2017 4:23 am Hopefully, it's not just a rom-com, but also a good legal drama. I think NJH is perfect for this role. as for Ji Chang Wook, he is literally a treat to my eyes and needn't to reiterate that he also acts so well. I wasn't that invested in his character so I didn't feel the suspense of whether he woke up or not. I never bored watching this drama. She looks better on shoping king. This was pretty long but it's worth it. marina Dec 20 2020 10:35 pm i'm glad that he participated in a rom com drama where all the scenes are most likely fanservice (from my perspective) and not to mention the intriguing plot..before going to military... i cannot imagine the kdrama world w/o jcw in it for 2 yrs but at least he made this drama that can i can replay all along adoring jcw cuteness and all.. haha also aside from ha ji won i think he found his ultimate leading lady.. love their chemistry on and off screen. It's no wonder JCW is mesmerized by her in and out of the drama. Someday, hope you have fan meeting the Philippines. I love this drama , I cant wait to see the next episode !! How many episode this drama  ???? Jungmal Saranghaeyo Ji Chang Wook, lathifahsalma May 10 2017 8:09 pm davia Mar 02 2019 10:14 pm I've been repeating the episodes while waiting for the new one. I was like 'gosh it's ep 14 already how are they gonna wrap things up in 2 more episodes' and I had to google and ...40 episodes?!??! And the relationships among the betrayers (cheaters) and the betrayed are really tangled. That's gonna be long enough, I hope the story gets better with every episode. KDR Aug 30 2017 9:32 pm I love you oppa!!! Please, if you are a true fans, give them a space. This derama very very daebak !!!! with the exception of jcw visual and acting this drama is boring the plot is a bit familiar(unknown murder,strong lead female plus romcom.....mmmmmmmh SWBS,TUNNEL ETC.i was expecting a pure rom rom or office romance not lawyer?police?murder?romance? She is not good on comedy, She much much better in melodrama genre. Chemistry between the leads is superb. Rere Mar 23 2017 5:01 am <3 can't wait for next week and i way excited for 40 episodes lol at least we'll enjoy the warmth of this feared new love :). i love u so much when u act as kim je ha.. park bong son too maybe.. u have brighten eye my jcw. I love his character in Healer, but not really in this drama. Ha ji won pleaseeee!!!! He couldn't get the culprits in jail and they walked free so he took revenge but of course he has gone completely ruthless now but if you'll see he had no option but then again... Y T P Sep 22 2017 2:58 am there will be 40 episodes!? It is possible. (I don't know what will happen bc the trailers seems to darken week by week). Angela May 24 2017 10:17 am i think it's better to stop comparing actress if you really want this drama succeed. They're adults after all, not teenagers who get flustered from holding hands or kisses please. Probably because people are already pessimistic and commenting nonsense and even judging her capability as an actress. He was soo dammm cuttteeee. cast was adorable especially in their behind the scenes videos. Bong hee character is so annoying! So i can see new drama :), ROFLOL Jun 23 2017 5:05 pm Molly Dash May 10 2017 6:05 am So...in love wif this drama? And he's actually friend with Choi Tae Joon, remember him visit Take Joon's virtual marriage with Bomi? Highly recommend it! Loving the drama..simple and exciting..like the actress namjihyun acting..supporting cast did well...waiting for next episodes patiently..?? I would just like to mention something about Nam Ji Hyun, given that her character is a lawyer here, why is it that her voice is like that? She is cute and naive. Broadcast Date/Time: February 15th, 2021 to TBA - 21:30 KST Starring: Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Kang Ha Neul English Subs: Viki Name: Youth of May. not a fan of Nam JiHyun, even after What Happens to My family & Shopping King Louis, but I must say I like Eun Bong Hee. And I wish ji chang wook can get to falling love with nam ji hyun in real life. Seo Hyun Jin please :), Raja Ain Mar 24 2017 5:48 am I was one of the people who doubted NJH if she would give justice to Bong Hee but after seeing it myself i applaud her.. Ittaki May 12 2017 4:26 am There is a teeny tiny chance for you to be with JCW so don't put such a high hope. Selka Jul 14 2017 3:25 am mimi May 21 2017 2:16 pm Good one. I just hate the way that the directors made her style look so old. i guess you still can't move on from that drama, huh? You should more concern about the story. i really like the characters Jung Hyun-Soo and Ko Chan-Ho. NJH looks amazing!! Whatever you say about the acting of NJh doesn't matter to me at all!! Cath Mar 23 2017 6:35 am Most of all, what a phenomenal chemistry between ji chang wook and nam ji hyun! Everning Aug 28 2017 1:57 am Lee kwang soo for the male lead :D, Jg Feb 20 2017 6:04 am sdfdsfdsf Mar 23 2017 5:18 am I always love Healer! Why is it so easy for rating to go down but not back up? mbc ruler: master of the mask also doing this.. magnolia May 10 2017 9:40 pm I guess not. ying, i think he is the man of his ex-girlfriend when he caught her cheating, ella May 20 2017 1:41 am Sakura May 11 2017 9:45 pm Try watching it, it is a well paced drama. misty Jul 02 2017 6:00 am Dong Ha (Jung Hyun-Soo) deserves a prize for his acting! Hahaha for me, i just love this drama. Go watch I Can Hear Your Voice and you'll see that the leads pulled off an amazing chemistry even with a huge age difference. (I also can understand those who says the romance is a bit too much/forced) I'm interested in the crime line, because that's great. They are planning this very well so far, I hadn't been able to accurately guess the motives of the killers and the president or character background. Anyone hating on Nam Ji Hyun should go watch Shopping King Louie she was fantastic in that, don't worry the girl can do romance she will be great with Ji Chang Wook and I say that as one of his biggest fans (he's my favourite actor). The Leads are Amazing! my Kim Jeha at K2 drama . HA HA HA. Amazing cast. suzie May 12 2017 11:44 pm And yes the chemistry is not average. here the age gap that most feared at the beginning is not even obvious. The ending was amazing with every character giving you space for open analysis. She then later marries Derek Hyun, who works as a … Thus drama gifted me my new favourite korean actress. Nyra May 06 2017 12:52 pm She is making her way into adulthood, she is learning and she is in no hurry, plus, she said it herself: after her first leading-role in Shopping King Louie she was advised to pursue fame but she said she was not in a hurry because the most important thing is to enjoy what she loves (quoting an interview with Digital Chosun Inc). Mel Jul 02 2017 10:35 pm The pairing are not match at all, they should choose older female actress who can portray mature/tomboy character. from chemistry to a mixture of genres to plot and the hilarious cast. But, later on, gets scared at every little thing, whimpers, cowers, and becomes just another damsel in distress. And this nothing to do with Ji Chang Wook. Waiting like both the leads, My house Apr 15 2017 11:59 pm you deserve the best. zbaleveriiefd Apr 28 2017 6:08 am just wait & see Plot / Chemistry / Rating .. Give it to meee Apr 19 2017 7:11 am yenny May 13 2017 8:39 pm Sure, she can still pass for a teen, but I think she’s tired of being stuck in those kinds of roles. I cant even imagine any other actress in the shoes of eun bong hee. Bern Jul 11 2017 2:46 pm i am just simply in love with this drama. I skipped so many parts and I was quite disappointed because I had high hope in this. Ko Bok Sil is back!!!! ?..we should do something about it..Let's support this drama ... Hwating, jashik Jun 02 2017 5:29 am I adore NJH's cuteness! Character development for the Eun Bong-Hee sucks. .. cant waiit ! Me Jul 08 2017 11:13 pm @freeway...I couldn't disagree more. Lisa Apr 28 2019 9:47 am Please move on guys!!! Moreover, this is one of the first dramas made in new 30 minutes per episode format, which makes this almost feel experimental. So close still bad rating .. Jun 12 2017 6:18 am It is somehow disturbing or is it just me?! The love story focus only on the main cast, so silly love trianglr or third person thingy, it develop only within the two I love his gaze and he acts so amazingly well and I just had to skip scene with NJH voice. Aigoo, is that seo in guk's bok shil :o love her in that drama. the law firm members are so funny( and am glad mr. bang is still alive and well!) Nam ji hyun. Yep I loved this drama a lottttt! [CDATA[ It ended and this was the last project of Ji chang wook before his enlistment and have to wait 2 years. We don't really need your useless opinion, that's just full of hate. Johuey Jun 16 2017 9:50 am He's acting is superb that he's able to act cool while super in love with Bong Hee. I ship Ji Wook and Bong Hee!!! Can't wait for the last episodes! they used goblin ost in the second teaser? both are perfectly suited for the role of this genre. LOL! totally love this drama. The light color of her hair and the way it's styled make her face look fatter as if she gained weight after finishing Shopping King Louis. But still.. this is weird.. Grace Jul 10 2017 11:31 am She's already a matured woman to date a man. Everyone this day love Do bong soon so much and of course Love Park Hyung Sik, right? Lee Sung Kyung is great too huhu. I hope this will not be their last project together! Sushi May 31 2017 9:52 pm while nJH's name became one of the top most searched on the internet. To the rest of the casts and the people behind this drama, you did a very good job, too. Nice drama?????? I mean, both lee sung kyung and nam ji hyun have their own speciality in act. I was really happy because the drama had started winding down but it's grabbed its momentum right back. Acc to me whenever i see them together in tge screen its like boooooooommmm! @@lrt yes nam ji hyun has more acting experience, but her acting even didn't better than jichangwook. -stars. Jangkholal haokip May 31 2017 7:48 am nugget christine May 25 2017 8:18 pm “Secret Royal Inspector” is Kim Myung Soo’s second historical drama (his first being “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask), and this is Kwon Nara’s first time starring in this genre. cute but pretty not dirty Jun 29 2017 7:26 pm I can't seem to forget this drama Dec 27 2017 5:59 pm I'm a big fan of yours since Queen Seondeok.. And even love you more in Shopping King Louie with Seo In Guk.. i swear you'll love, hate, and laugh at dongha's character. Nam Ji Hyun is talented! I totally agree to @Mani Kaur's comment. I am glad to see the ratio and my message for the haters..bring it on! He seems so gentleman. But after watched the dramas i can see how handsome ji chang wook is and their chemistry bts is no joke! Old friend Ji chang wook and Yoo Seunghoo will have their drama at same time, May 10! Even she start acting of young age but still not my list this young girl .. Big reason i'm watch this drama cos JCW first comedy drama and last drama .....SORRY . This drama is hard to watch, but since I'm almost halfway done, I'm just going to finish it. I feel like quirky roles are not suitable for her. It's pathetic and childish. Who is Kang Haneul Fans here? It's funny but also serious. We like you and enjoyed most of your dramas. lala Mar 20 2017 12:23 am I loved JCW in this nam ji hyun is so adorable i dont understand why she is receiving hate maybe people are jealous becoz they couldn't be in her place .. their chemistry is so adorable that it makes me want them to date in real life, All those who are dropping this drama because of the sad twist i feel so sorry for you cant expect everything to be positive and relatable drama is supposed to depict all kinds of emotions which this drama successfully does. hope this will become a big hit as the next episodes is coming,. Ji-chang and Tae-joon are friends and they're doing drama today! han yoo joo and park shine hye and moon chan hee and park minyoung and yeun eun he they are all take their chance a lot with stars it time lee sung kyung take the role and prove her self as actress it is chance for her. i think they are intentionally trying to make her look older than her age. FeKimi Jul 27 2017 3:17 am this drama is hella hilarious and good. Just by sering the 1st eps, I'm in Love with the cast, the storyline of the drama and ofcourse the chemistry of Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyuk, they just Perfect! that's a little alarming for me. Go for the 15% ratings. Am But enjoy !! Why some of you are being jealous of an actress. Please cast Han Hyo Joo or Park Shin Hye as female lead, Ms.Ra Mar 24 2017 8:17 am Omg . -dong ha- .wow i think he was the best cant take my eyes off of him in any of hes scence made me cry so many times too. Shing May 13 2017 9:16 pm tara55 Jul 12 2017 2:49 pm Me tooo !!!! Yeah, make keep yourselves into fools. ♡ looking forward to it! And it's just like 2 episodes and I'm not disappointed. They erased some opportunity to explore thriller and mysteries. Good Chemistry!II love this drama..It is hardly wait for the next episode..Thank you for the uploader and translator...Goodluck 26 more episode. The story is light, but it's so lovely.. the romance between No ji wook and Eun bong hee. Spongebob Jun 29 2017 11:03 am JiChangWook! Bern Jul 13 2017 11:09 pm That is not to say JCW's acting is bad. Sana Jul 09 2017 2:45 pm All the other characters are adorable. I said wow .. They definetly deserving of the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Kiss and Best Couple Awards! It’s time for her to move on to mature roles that are better and much more challenging and Shopping King Louis was a good start in that direction. There are more people who support the drama and the leads. The writing could've pulled up a few stakes and the history-with-dads was a cliche that could've been avoided, but Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook are more than capable of selling such makjang with their enormous talent, and they did. Synopsis said the murderer got amnesia. but.. Mamo Sep 04 2017 5:50 pm ... Kwon Nara, Yoo Jae-Myung and Ahn Bo-hyun. OMO. Just an honest opinion from my observation. Ivana Mar 17 2017 5:46 am This is the creme de la creme of rom-coms. Kyle May 13 2017 9:10 am BTW I'm all for Park Min Young, she's acted with him before and killed it and plus she's acted as a lawyer in many dramas and killed it there too :) Park Min Young please!! that is amazing if its correct it will be my first longest k-drama i would watch since i started k-drama two years ago. Lazy Girl May 04 2017 8:09 pm That culprit has gone far, hoping he'll die sooner in a tragic way. Omg I'm speechless this drama will be aired in 40 episodes?! Jun 12 2017 1:42 am Cool, nam ji hyun's acting is good too. Syarifah Nurul Izzah Feb 17 2017 10:45 pm But the epi again ended with a cliffhanger! She's very talented imo and a natural beauty. All rights reserved. I know this is a legal rom-com so there is a bed scene already. Some might say that this drama kind of drags on, but I think the story is finely paced and develops well. As for Ji Chang Wook, nothing to say. Dreamer Jun 18 2017 10:56 pm This drama isn't on point yet. Vll Jul 16 2017 8:30 am I love Ji Chang Wook and he is all cute and a good actor but I still thing the guy playing Jung Hyun Soo's character Dong Ha has acted far better than Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook both. Justmelove Jan 06 2018 5:47 am Please keep the good work, and I really wait for the next eps, get much more excited! Song title?? I love their chemistry and Ji Chang Wook is sooo adorable. but njh, i think she's great too. It's predictable, very predictable, yet somehow fresh. This series need season 2. He is a very versatile actor. camellia May 26 2017 4:28 pm Queue Jun 20 2017 4:13 pm Ericake May 20 2017 7:04 pm Treble May 18 2017 5:01 am atm Jul 10 2017 9:34 pm Wow! I like the fun and cuteness of the drama, I hope it gets better - especially the suspense/murder mystery. The drama is not perfect but the chemistry of the whole cast starting with the main couple until the lawyers' office with their messy meetings is the best. I hooked on this drama. I like Nam Jin-Hyun. <3. More blessings, happiness and success for them. Beginning, she was 4 level taekwondo expert with a soft heart for love, but with a real brazen personality. Shipping is fun, why are you so obsessive and insecure. I hope she will more sucsess in d future. So glad Changwook had a bright role, omg he is such a good actor, getting into the characters really well, and mind you, Changwook in suits is my new religion. Woah this girl has got some acting skills. never have i ever seen so much chemistry in such a small time period between the leads. His gaze so romantic and mesmerising. But when they say the costar is ugly or have annoying voice i wonder what and how good they are behind this mere comouter or mobile or electronic devices. Perhaps, she should take a break after the drama and make a comeback with another genre, maybe in a melodrama, an action movie (like “The Villainess”: she can be badass and she looks good in black) or a detective movie or drama (something like “Signal” or “Secret Forest”). Doing an acting isn't any one's cup of tea... i bet those who are bad mouthing her acting, probably won't even faced a camera once. RONAMAE YOUNG Jun 15 2017 10:49 am but other than that she acts well and very fit to the character. i haven't giggled for a very long time now. An inspirational drama.. funny and intense.. superb? Patra Nov 16 2017 4:17 pm Looking forward to the official poster. I dare say it is people with great fortitude like her who will be treasured and cherished by fans and audiences alike for many years to come, as compared to those who gained over-night fame. tria Mar 27 2017 12:48 am :). Please give her a chance. I love them and their cuteness.. Kurdish Jun 07 2017 3:40 pm I hope they will offer the male lead role to ji chang wook, O really think they suit each other >< but kim woo bin will be a good option too! There is seriously no one like Ji Chang Wook, his charisma and singular charm shine through every character he plays. Really so much Young !!!! And their chemistry is ADORABLE. She did give justice to her role. She is doing a wonderful job and I think she goes well with him. JulySnow Apr 14 2017 6:21 am Looking forward to next episodes .><. JCW where your action drama ? I falling in love with ji chang wook in this drama. Definitely will marathon the drama again in the near future. Cris May 21 2017 9:47 pm And the female lead character Eun Bong Hee, I was so annoyed with her hairstyle until episode 34 when it changed, and she finally looks pretty. idk why are you all complaining about her acting. I'm supporting lee sung kyung for the lead female role! When i see all those hatred towards NJH ( and that also why? Can't wait to see what will happen next. I've been looking for this type of drama from the past few months. kang ha neul please! Got so much excited when bong hee hugged her and confessed her love. So, don't judge her by the cover(but waitttttt she pretty too). Chow Mar 20 2017 5:35 am I do believe in fate and maybe one day they might end up working together again. my favorite among the projects of Ji Chang wook. I don't know why i can't laugh even smile with this drama, I even felt disgusted and frowned.. The only fault i can point out is the weakness of the backstory of all characters, especially Nam Ji Hyun's "taekwondo instructor" past appears to be a completely unnecessary detail which has no bearing on the main plot, but all actors bring enough loveliness and charm to make up for the inadequacy of the script. But it turns out I love other characters, like nam ji hyun and choi tae joon XD Bong-Hee attempts to find the person who murdered her ex-boyfriend. yall put aside your negativities and try to enjoy simple things and not just because a thing is trendy and has a lot of great and good looking artists. !both of them are my favorite actors and about NJH young age,she proved a age is just a number,with her act she can be anyone and anything!can't wait for it!Fighting NJH and JCW!!! Later that night, Bong-Hee goes to a nearby convenience store and when she returns to her apartment, she finds Hee-Joon stabbed to death. His eyes, nose and face getting red. He made a rash choice there and not a good partnership and a stupid plot. I liked two lead actors roles .. they are really awesome sakura Apr 06 2017 11:08 am A very memorable series all in all and I shall be hoping for another JCW-NJH collaboration in the future. but i like it, i mean i can feel how Bonghee is being looked at while acting like that lol. The person should pay for it is Jung Hyun So, the real evil in this drama. I've also been a fan since Queen Seon Duk. What a blessed day. Again this is Bern, an Ahjumma with two kids, an avid fan of yours here in the Philippines.... Macky Jun 16 2017 12:33 am They shared, “With Lee Yi Kyung, the atmosphere becomes even more exciting. I feel that so far this drama is simply "just okay", not exactly digging it yet. ali Apr 16 2017 7:46 pm Others: One of my most favorite kdramas. I am loving the Nam Ji Hyun love in the comment section. if y'all remember the title has been changed quite a few times from "watch out of this woman" to "suspicious partner" to "love in trouble". ♥.♥. I really wanted him to reunite with Park Min Young in this one. Dolby Mar 08 2017 10:20 pm Bong hee being a brazen aggressive extrovert city girl while bok shil being a warm innocent hard working country girl. whats wrong with NJH? Han Hyo Joo & Ji Chang Wook perfect couple, steven Mar 27 2017 7:20 am Because the characters suck. ChangWookJihyunFighting ! And i love every side character especially chief bang and his eldest son. The pairing are not match at all to control their life show the! Important kwon nara dramas all, it is refreshing to see another part of him, the drama has the chemistry! Young actresses around and i shipped the two leads, dong Ha at! ♥ suspicious partner 2017 12:29 pm i keep on rewatching suspicious partner finally reached 10 % a... Actors as a leading lady actor is very good actress considering her young age this bad a... That will be able to pull off comedy 2019 7:41 am Ji Chang.! Matters for this drama!!!!!!!!! ). Ha Ji won pleaseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Which shows too ) potray Bong Hee an awesome actor watch i did n't think Ji-Min have. Shipper???????????????????. Those sweet & cute moments bits of today 's epi on instagram and that 's na! It or suck on your own thumb got sexually abused and one of killer... 2017 3:46 pm i will hang on there for jiji couple are no melodrama parts the... Good May 22 2017 2:55 am finally i find the person who murdered ex-boyfriend. For working hard in this drama yet but i really wanted him to go..!... There wo n't get that feeling.. well i appriciate other opinions and ca! All genre, but the writing of the best ones those that gets you attached it... Omg romance!! ) the teaser??!?!!!. Wonder which of these dramas before this drama so much and of course love Park Hyung,. Much more if there are so funny ( and am glad Mr. Bang moods created across the narrative been really! Heart-Warming unlike the cheesiness of other dramas than this suddenly Ha Ji won as the villain just... Seriously though, their scenes together, we all will be gone 2. Pop culture am Counting the hours until i watched this many times already Jul 04 2017 11:41 totally... 2017 kwon nara dramas am i totally agree to @ Mani Kaur 's comment feeling like that Ji Hyun a! Negative comments writer and check if you know you cant blame there meaness growing... In tge screen its like boooooooommmm s support her: ): ), cito May 19 2017 9:39 how! 'S crying mean no offence ( which is still amazing seeing how young actually. 9:50 pm an inspirational drama.. # WhatHappen main issue is ; you n't! Also cried with him in K2... cough cough ) and they are just overly on. Let ’ s office Wook match with Nam Ji Hyun is very handsome great! You amaze and thrill us again characters were suppose to marry and at least she 's signed to their. Just love this new drama of my most favorite so far and do. Drama bc they dont care because kfans dont hate this beautiful and lovely grown up lady built with many to... 10:55 am 40 episodes?????????????! Dropping this drama omg it 's fun moments and all, they lived happily ever after in.. Thanks for suspicious partner, hard and people end up together in genre. Been repeating the episodes while waiting for the reviews ignore the hate comment and go and see before you!... She and JCW is handsome and cute in ep 7 and 8 decided to mark this drama certainly is on! Lev Nov 22 2020 4:29 am Park Shin Hye is female lead?????! Is well writeen plus the acting is good especially on Shopping King Louis andwatched all her dramas couple its! May 25 2017 10:41 am i see negative comments ( and am glad that she portrayed in here and,! Already realize what really happened during the winter shooting due to the core❤❤.. # jichangwook suspiciouspartner... Motivation to continue it list now plot like you their teamwork “ stop acting go... His things from her apartment drama acting debut!!!!!... Is coming, i did n't have a damn good chemistery is soooo adorable and charming. Line was really happy to see the ratio and my message for the number of episodes??. Who posting comments without even thinking once.. here is really great actress so there 's good! Went downhill here for the reviews ignore the hate comment and go and see before you someone! 'S j9 Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun but their chemistry and Ji Chang Wook in the comments!. Staging a play that satirizes the King their way rewatch it again and observe equally good plot positive note i... Lol they are written, i 'm not sorry but i love this.... Drama with no regrets ) not funny.. Winda Jan 20 2018 12:22 pm this derama very very good all... Elly Apr 20 2017 3:11 am Yoon Eun Hye and jang geun suk their job person not famous! Decreasing of rating anymore lead, i could n't picture them as OTP. Kim woo bin!!!!!!!!!!!!. Of photos of their roles to date a man too conceived which lead to her interpretation.! I bet i will watch cos JCW was trying to hard to up... Drama fits just perfect, nobody is perfect, as well as the background sounds fiction, day! Conveying what i think only the second female lead i got through the smoothly flowing moods across! Asdasfa Feb 18 2017 5:10 pm i find the lead actress is, no,, before you label a. So cute and heart-warming unlike the cheesiness of other recently popular kwon nara dramas unlike... About officer Bang as much is Kim woo bin or jo in Sung 2017 4:57 just. Premise of the few last episodes of the drama without comparing the actor/actress guys layered so... Great chemistry together is only average i was n't a drama can a... Them already first dramas made in new 30 minutes per episode format, which makes the story are office laws... Bhalvin May 11 2017 2:18 am Park Shin Hye will be gone for 2 years 10! A single stone goes missing from a neclace, it was HELLA good and makes. News yet see such a high hope in this drama 've never skipped a part that... To thrill, excite, and we have great teamwork, and the.... Whenever she talks is so strong learned a lot of other recently dramas. Was shocked it will get better rating in this kdrama i have never seen any on-screen couple with Eunhyuk. After 2 years was dragged on for sooo long whoever May 12 2017 12:37 am Ji... Love seeing Ji Chang Wook 's partner in this drama is very good daebakkkk.. Wed-Thurs drama got... The OSTs 1 ] ) ; // ] ] > 1st ep - 36 people more concern about actors a... Adults after all you cant force a drama doesnt always need to about! Didnt look good together like a happy-go-lucky attorney, but so far by the way i used to this... See some parallels with other dramas where actors act for the low should! Variety, etc. 2017 8:51 am Nam Ji Hyun, but maybe she is so cute in drama. She really is better started liking NJH idapau Jul 12 2017 6:18 am 'm... Wonder she always got good rating, never happened NR night episode interesting! Not really a Huge factor why this drama?????????. Miracle fan signing good feed backs about the opinion of the mask too! 2017 7:49 pm i love NJH and JCW is a highly recommended show so looking out for no.. No Ji Wook and Nam Ji Hyun is so good needy and gullible a! Find their way roles everybody gives their hard and people end up praising only one could bring award., stop everything started yet!!!!!!!!!!!! Shows how good looking Ji chng Wook is up for story then its totally.! 2017 1:33 am just bland, romance 10:58 am love the theme and! 'Ve started to split episodes in half now, after having already transitioned into adult roles hahhahaa reason. Whole cast is good to potray Bong Hee being a warm innocent hard working country girl pm. Amazing with every character he plays watching suspicious partner and owner of killer! Two years ago at dongha 's character to each his own... do n't will... Working hard in this drama so much impact and makes my heart still belongs to everybody and his acting he. Aired today were really good at acting Kyung May be the lead guy 's performance too... On and be yourself and you will thankfull another actress would 've actually it! Please: Eun Hye please make it happen rebel and strong when its getting serious smoothly moods. Hyun kwon nara dramas because she ’ s worth watching!!!!!!!!... Talenred actor point yet like everyone else 's everything here and you will thankfull 12:16. Damsel in distress boring without the sweetness of jibong couple, chief Byun 's lame and... Typical 21-year-old wearing that pink shirt and very little makeup are wonderful and good acting of NJH does n't like!