Whether it be Palpatine abandoning Darth Maul or Darth Vader "killing" Palpatine, loyalty is one of the greatest lies told among the legends of the Sith. Check out our MERCHANDISE: https://viralstyle.com/store/ViralKiller/shopKylo Ren vs Darth MaulWho would win? Maul 9/10. This is TROS Kylo ren going up against ROTS Dooku and CW season 7 maul. I think I get what you’re asking. Re: Kylo Ren vs Darth Maul - Force Battle on Wed 25 Mar - 12:43 Maul is superior to Ahsoka (while holding back, because he's trying to look feeble and weak), so he's logically close to Vader. Darth Vader (cyborg Darth Vader, I mean) has always been viewed by George Lucas as a cripple in an iron lung, whereas Kylo Ren is a man in his prime. Unsurprisingly, Kylo Ren was the one to bring that betrayal to the sequel trilogy, keeping the Sith tradition alive. His moves make the Obi-Wan/Vader showdown from the first movie look like a slap fight. There is an occasional telekinetic display, but it is swordplay mostly. Maul already beat Qui-gon with better backup in Obi-wan, so i think Maul wins this round as well. But yeah - it's not like the films went out of their way to show that then-Kylo Ren had been weakened by the act of killing Han Solo and being wounded by Chewie. Contrast Maul's double-sided lightsaber with Kylo Ren's shoddily crafted piece of junk. Here, it's got nothing to do with anything. Maul 10/10. Kylo Ren and Darth Vader are two of the most powerful villains in the Star Wars universe, but who would win in a fight? By Thomas West Aug 31, 2020. So maybe if the scenario was "Darth Maul replaces Finn and Rey in the forest on Starkiller Base" your argument would be relevant. Round 3: If Kylo is the strongest of the Knights of ren then i think Maul … Poll Kylo Ren (TROS) vs Count Dooku and Darth Maul (5 votes) Kylo Ren wins 20% . An acrobat and master of weapons, This wouldn't be a fair fight in any galaxy. Darth Maul relies very little on the Force. 0. Kylo Ren is larger and has more physical strength than Maul, so when they get up close in the lightsaber duel Darth Maul would primarily have to rely on his acrobatics to evade Kylo. Star Wars is, without question, one of the most successful entertainment franchises to have ever graced screens. From a Force perspective, I don’t think there’s any question. Round 2: Even if Kylo killed Han right at the start of the battle, that means that its Kylo and Qui-gon vs Maul. Poll Clone Wars Darth Maul vs TROS Kylo Ren (96 votes) Maul: a former dark lord of the Sith 73% . As far as lightsaber combat goes, Darth Maul would simply kick Kylo Ren's pretty boy bee-hind. THE FORCE. Kylo: supreme leader of the First Order 27% . Kylo Ren’s moves are pretty standard and have focussed on swashbuckling. Share Share Tweet Email. Darth Maul’s fighting style is about acrobatics. Comment. Team Pulls off a hard win 80% .